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                             COVID- 19 RESPONSE
As the news around Coronavirus (COVID 19) continues to unfold, we would like to communicate our commitment to ensure the health and safety of all employees and people we serve with psychotherapy and psychiatric care. Because this is a rapidly changing situation we will continue to monitor the updates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with the Massachusetts Department of Health. We will continue to provide the people we serve with the highest standards of service. Our agency is taking precautionary measures and following best practice to uphold LWCC'S part in the public health responsibility to mitigate the spread of the virus.  We are responding thoughtfully to this unprecedented situation. Please know that our efforts are dedicated to protecting Living Water Counseling Center community as well as the communities in which we serve.  We continue to operate in all possible capacities.

                                      TELEHEALTH SERVICES NOW OFFERED!
In order to protect the health of our community and our team, some changes are taking place. You may receive counseling over the phone or video call.


             Accelerated Resolution Therapy ( ART )

Living Water Counseling Center (LWCC) is pleased to announce that as of 10/15/2020 we have created a specialized team of therapists that are trained and certified in the most innovated therapy technique known as "ACCELERATED RESOLUTION THERAPY" (ART).

Specializing in all forms of 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder' yet found to be equally effective for most mental/ behavioral health issues, approached  with a fraction of the time for resolve.  Micheal Shoenberg, (LWCC Clinical Liaison) and Frank Wotton, founder of LWCC were among the 1st several persons trained in this method in 2010 by its author/developer Laney Rosenzwieg, an LMFT from West Hartford, CT.  Studying other eye and motion therapies that rapidly resolve brain trauma memories and symptoms of debilitated "PTSD" and other crippling emotional problems.  Thus finding her ART method effective in as a few of 1-5 sessions.

Soon after, researched at the University Florida School of Nursing, and funded by the Department of Defense, ART has become world renowned and proven scientifically "Evidence Based".

LWCC, a private and holistic agency has dreamed of the day where we could pool together our resources to create a team of 7 well rounded therapists to take an extensive training and practice as Masters of this amazing therapy method.

Please visit for much more extensive information.

                    Recovery Road

Our Anger Management Support Group (12 weekly sessions). To sign up please call our office at 413-315-3194.

**Due to the current pandemic all anger management classes are on hold.

New Service Now Offered!!

We are pleased to announce that we now offer services to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Springfield, MA and also service our Military Veterans!!

Frank H. Wotton III, MSW, LICSW, LADC I, CEO.


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